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2015-08-22 08222015.mp3 The Walter Hoving Home Play
2015-08-22 08222015.mp3 Play
2015-08-14 VIP_DAY.mp3 Play
2015-08-07 Esther Pastor Madden Play
2015-07-31 Graduation_Service.mp3 Play
2015-07-31 Graduation_Service.mp3 Play
2015-07-31 Graduation_Service.mp3 Play
2015-07-24 Detour Bro Sean Folkes Play
2015-07-17 The God of This World Dr. Colin Ross Play
2015-07-10 God_is_Unbevwable.mp3 Play
2015-07-10 God_is_Unbevwable.mp3 Play
2015-07-10 God_is_Unbevwable.mp3 Play
2015-07-03 Time_for_Change_-_Associate_Pastor_Marvin_Clarke__7415.mp3 Play
2015-06-12 Women_s_Emphasis_Sabbath.mp3 Elder McDavid Play
2015-06-12 Women_s_Emphasis_Sabbath.mp3 Play
2015-05-15 Good_Soldier.mp3 Play
2015-05-15 Good_Soldier.mp3 Play
2015-05-08 A Godly Women Oneil Madden Play
2015-05-01 ALCA Day Cammacho, Madden, Coggs Play
2015-04-24 Don't Sit Down! Oneil Madden Play
2015-04-17 Enough Is Enough BJ Boles Play
2015-04-10 You Must Be Test Worthy Pastor Marvin Clark Play
2015-03-13 Elder_Joel_Kibble_03142015.mp3 Elder Joel Kibble Play
2015-03-13 Elder_Joel_Kibble_03142015.mp3 Play
2015-03-13 Elder_Joel_Kibble_03142015.mp3 Play
2015-03-06 Who Are You? Pastor David Solomon Hall Play
2015-02-27 But God Omar Palmer Play
2015-02-20 C_B_Rock_22115_2.mp3 Play
2015-02-13 PastorRuthieJacobsen.mp3 Play
2015-01-30 It_s_A-setup__Pastor_Clark.mp3 Play
2015-01-23 012415OrdinationService.mp3.mp3 Play
2015-01-16 Emerging Church Oneil Madden Play
2015-01-09 The_Ultimate_Sacrifice10042014.mp3 Play
2014-12-19 hristmasService122015 Play
2014-12-05 FromZeroToHero.mp3 Pastor Hall Play
2014-11-28 10082014Madden.mp3 Play
2014-11-14 Appointed, Anointed And Approved.mp3 Pastor Madden Play
2014-11-07 The Man With The Withered Hand Oneil Madden Play
2014-10-31 affairs_of_the_heart.mp3 Play
2014-10-17 Thy Way Is In The Sanctuary Oneil Madden Play
2014-10-10 Sibling Rivalry Oneil Madden Play
2014-10-03 The Ultimate Sacrifice Oneil Madden Play
2014-09-26 "All Locked Up!" Marvin Clarke Play
2014-09-19 Come Out Of Her My People Ryan Johnson Play
2014-09-05 9_06_2014.mp3 Play
2014-08-29 Vandeon_Griffin_08_30_14_.mp3 Play
2014-08-22 ChristinaSanford8_23_14.mp3 Christina Sanford Play
2014-08-08 In the School of Hardknocks Carlos Camacho Play
2014-08-01 20140802.mp3 Play
2014-07-25 07252014 Dr, Shelton Kilby Play
2014-07-25 Dr, Shelton Kilby Play
2014-07-18 7_19_14DavidSolomonHall.mp3 Play
2014-07-11 7.12.mp3 Play
2014-07-04 07.05.mp3 Play
2014-06-27 PastorGregoryStinson.mp3 Play
2014-06-13 ADadsFightButAFathersBattle.mp3 Play
2014-06-06 Why_we_do__what_we_do.mp3 Play
2014-05-30 5.31.14PastorMadden.mp3 Play
2014-05-30 5.31.14PastorMadden.mp3 Play
2014-05-23 Will The Real Christian Stand Up Oneil Madden Play
2014-05-16 BrotherWestneyWhite5.17.mp3 Play
2014-05-09 5.10.mp3 Play
2014-04-25 Salt_.mp3 Play
2014-04-11 And We Will Come Back to You Pastor Kingsley Pamlmer Play
2014-04-04 Communion_Sabbath4.5.14.mp3 Pastor Madden Play
2014-03-21 OmarJarvis3.22.mp3 Play
2014-03-07 Keep It Simple 30814 Pastor Vincent Dehm Play
2014-02-28 PastorCourtneyRay3_1_14.mp3 Play
2014-02-14 "Don't Box Me In!" Carlton Byrd Play
2014-01-31 Dr._Kim__If_you..Then_I_Will.mp3 Play
2014-01-24 TheRoyalCoverUp.mp3 Play
2014-01-24 TheRoyalCoverUp.mp3 Play
2014-01-17 B.I.mp3 Pastor Oniel Madden Play
2014-01-03 communion01.04.mp3 Play
2013-12-27 DavidSolomonHall12.28.mp3 Play
2013-12-20 JoyToTheWorld.mp3 Play
2013-12-13 Breaking the Chains Part 2 Pastor Deblearire Snell Play
2013-12-06 WomensMinistryDay2013.mp3 Play
2013-11-29 Giving Thanks Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-11-22 11_23_13.mp3 Play
2013-11-15 Fire Is Coming Ryan Johnson Play
2013-11-08 Render unto God Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-11-01 GospelMissionaryWork.mp3 Play
2013-10-25 The Sower Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-10-18 10_19_2013.mp3 Play
2013-10-11 The Beast, The Dragon and The Woman Oneil Madden Play
2013-10-05 The144000 Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-10-04 TheSevenSeals.mp3 Play
2013-09-13 Thou Shalt Not Kill Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-09-06 090713.mp3 Play
2013-08-30 MinistryOfHealing.mp3 Play
2013-08-25 Dreams___Drugs.mp3 Play
2013-08-23 Dreams___Drugs.mp3 Play
2013-08-16 He Is Coming Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-08-09 "Lodebar" Clarence Brown Play
2013-08-02 WhatsSoGoodAboutOldAge.mp3 Play
2013-07-19 "How Bad Do You Want It?" Dewain Frazer Play
2013-07-12 "A Point of Contact" Oneil Madden Play
2013-07-05 7_06_2013.mp3 Play
2013-06-28 "Communion Sabbath" Oneil Madden Play
2013-06-21 "Don't Stop Believing" David Solomon Hall Sr Play
2013-06-14 "Raising the Bar" Daniel Madden Play
2013-06-07 "The Cleansing of The Temple" 2 Oneil Madden Play
2013-05-31 "The Cleansing of The Temple" Oneil Madden Play
2013-05-25 5_25_2013_.mp3 Play
2013-05-25 Robert Samms Dr Robert Samms Play
2013-05-25 Judges Samson Dr Robert Samms Play
2013-05-24 Sherine Samms in Concert Sherine Samms Play
2013-05-17 Widow's Mite Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-04-26 To_Handle_Unexpected_and_Persistant_Troubles.mp3 Play
2013-04-19 A Christian Journey Pastor Madden Play
2013-04-19 April_20_2013.mp3 Play
2013-04-05 "I Want My Family Back" Oneil Madden Play
2013-03-29 "Restoration" Helvis C Moody Play
2013-03-26 UnauthorizedBreakIn.mp3 Play
2013-03-25 The_Absolute_Truth.mp3 Play
2013-03-25 A_Mountain_Top_Experience.mp3 Play
2013-03-23 Out of Sodom Oneil Madden Play
2013-03-22 "State of Emergency" Oneil Madden Play
2013-03-19 "The Word" Ryan Johnson Play
2013-03-15 "Rise: It's Time To Move" Ryan Johnson Play
2013-03-14 "At Church, But Not In Church" Hance Philippe Play
2013-03-13 "Playing With Fire, You're Likely ToGet Burned" Hance Philippe Play
2013-03-13 "Delayed But Not Denied" Hance Philippe Play
2013-03-09 "A Faith To Stand The Test" Hance Philippe Play
2013-03-08 "Well Done" Hance Philippe Play
2013-03-07 "Being God's Friend" Michelle Clarke Play
2013-03-06 "Knowing Your Worth" Michelle Clarke Play
2013-03-01 "The Two Gates" Michelle Clarke Play
2013-03-01 "The Unusual Suspects" Michelle Clarke Play
2013-02-15 "Challenge of Change in Age of Obama" Keith Burton Play
2013-02-08 "The Healing Power of Forgiveness" Thomas Jackson Play
2013-02-01 Health and The Plan of Salvation Thomas Jackson Play
2013-01-25 "HoldFast!" Russel Lewars Play
2013-01-18 "Shaped toServe!" Oneil Madden Play
2013-01-11 The Shaking Among God's People Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2013-01-04 "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder!" Oneil Madden Play
2012-12-28 Forward, Forever, Backward, Never! Oneil Madden Play
2012-12-21 Emmanuel Has Come Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2012-12-14 "All Hands On Deck!" Lewars,Madden,Obannon Play
2012-12-07 Lord Is It I Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2012-11-30 Installation Service Oneil Madden Play
2012-11-23 Grateful.mp3 Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2012-11-16 Family Matters AV Booth Oneil Madden Play
2012-11-09 What If God Is Not Happy With Our Praise Play
2012-11-02 Perfect_Storm.mp3 Play
2012-11-02 The Perfect Storm Pastor O'neil Madden Play
2012-10-26 Comfort_Zone.mp3 Play
2012-10-26 Comfort Zone Pastor Oneil Madden Play
2012-10-19 Minds For Enternity Lorraine Palmer Play
2012-10-12 Don't Change Your Name Too Soon David Solomon Hall Play
2012-10-12 Dont Change Your Name Too Soon David Solomon Hall Play
2012-10-05 Keeping_Love_Alive.mp3 Play
2012-10-05 Keeping Love Alive Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2012-09-28 Replacing_Satans_Lies_With_Gods_Truth.mp3 Play
2012-09-28 Replacing Satan's Lies for God's Truth Marva Bourne Play
2012-09-28 Replacing_Satans_Lies_With_Gods_Truth.mp3 Play
2012-09-21 For Better or For Worse Russell Lewars Play
2012-09-21 Giving When It Hurts Russell Lewars Play
2012-09-07 If We Are the Body Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2012-08-31 Your Purpsose And Experiencing God Pastor Tammie Lindsey Play
2012-08-24 Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2012-08-24 Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2012-08-10 Show Me The Money Pt1 Russell Lewars Play
2012-08-10 Show Me The Money Cont Reussell Lewars Play
2012-08-03 I want To Live Pastor O'neil Madden Play
2012-07-20 Dont Just Stand There Do Something! Play
2012-07-13 Whatever It Takes Russell Lewars Play
2012-07-06 Said I Wasn't Russell Lewars Play
2012-06-29 Life Changing Moments Dr. Kyra-Norris Williams Play
2012-06-22 Confession is Good for the Soul Russell Lewars Play
2012-06-15 We Need Fathers Russell Lewars Play
2012-06-08 Stand Strong In The Ultimate Race Johnny Holliday Play
2012-06-01 Its A Heart Thing Pastor Sheldon Bryan Play
2012-05-25 Extreme Makeover Pastor Madden Play
2012-05-18 Can God Be Trusted Play
2012-05-11 You are so blessed Play
2012-05-04 If You Knew Pastor Bob Moore Play
2012-04-27 A 'Lot' Of Drama Russell Lewars Play
2012-04-20 Uncontrollable Celebration.mp3 Play
2012-04-13 Second Chances Russell Lewars Play
2012-04-13 today.mp3 Play
2012-04-06 Easter People 2nd Copy Play
2012-04-06 Easter People Play
2012-03-30 The Death of A Conscience.mp3 Russell Lewars Play
2012-03-23 Brave The Crave. Play
2012-03-16 Good God, Bad World Russell Lewars Play
2012-03-09 The_Way_of_the_Dragon_.mp3 Play
2012-03-02 Just Not Worth It. Play
2012-02-24 Convergence Of Two Important Stories Pastor Ralford Jones Play
2012-02-23 Scattarayshan Lael Caesar Play
2012-02-10 See Yourself As God Sees You Pastor Johnny Holliday Play
2012-02-03 Preparation For The Fire Pastor Harold Goodloe Play
2012-01-27 Something_Better.mp3 Play
2012-01-20 Waiting In Vain .mp3 Play
2012-01-13 Majoring_In_The_Minors.mp3 Play
2012-01-06 Come To The Table mp3 Play
2011-12-30 Lessons_From_The_Early_Church.mp3 Play
2011-12-23 There Is Something About That Name Johnny Holliday Play
2011-12-16 A Musical Celebration Of Advent.mp3 Play
2011-12-16 You Can Still Touch Him Elder Clarence Brown Play
2011-11-27 Down But Not Out! Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2011-11-18 Blessed! Pastor Johnny Holliday Play
2011-11-11 My Way Russell Lewars Play
2011-11-04 When Love Is Not Enough Clarence Brown Play
2011-10-28 Reconcilable_Differences.mp3 Play
2011-10-21 Carry The Wood.mp3 Play
2011-10-14 Trouble In The Tribe Russell Lewars Play
2011-10-07 Too Close To Turn Around David Solomon Hall Sr. Play
2011-10-05 Singing In The Rain David Solomon Hall Sr Play
2011-10-05 Master,Carest Thou Not? Pastor David Solomon Hall Sr. Play
2011-10-04 Who Are You? Pastor David Solomon Hall Play
2011-10-01 Housekeeping.mp3 Play
2011-09-23 What Shall I Render Play
2011-09-16 Gods_Justice_And_Mercy.mp3 Play
2011-09-09 He Will Supply Russell Lewars Play
2011-09-02 Fire Resistant Elder Damien Johnson Play
2011-08-26 Born To Be Somebody Play
2011-08-19 "Education Day" David Williams Play
2011-08-12 "Jesus Provides a Perfect Yoke!" Johnny Holliday Play
2011-08-05 Simply Saved: Because He Went Through. Play
2011-07-29 Simply Saved Debt Free Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2011-07-22 Following Jesus Richard Barron Play
2011-07-15 Pneuma Power Russell Lewars Play
2011-07-08 SimplySaved_ Play
2011-07-01 Being An Adventist Dr. Henry M. Wright Play
2011-06-24 Stick With The Ship Play
2011-06-17 Adopted Fathers Johnny Holliday Play
2011-06-10 What's in Your Hand Pastor Tammie Lindsey Play
2011-06-03 The Change of the Sabbath_1.mp3 Calvin B. Rock Play
2011-05-22 Heaven Play
2011-05-21 All In Play
2011-05-20 The Sanctuary Play
2011-05-20 The Judgement. Pastor Furman Fordham Play
2011-05-14 The Day God Blessed Pastor Marcellus Howard Play
2011-05-13 The Ten Commandments Pastor Marcellus Howard Play
2011-05-13 The Three Angels Pastor Michael Kelley Play
2011-05-13 The Second Coming Marcellus Howard Play
2011-05-13 Conversion Pastor Michael Kelly Play
2011-04-29 The Word And The World Calvin B Rock Play
2011-04-15 Nehemiah's Revival Calvin B Rock Play
2011-04-08 Bible Revival Calvin B. Rock Play
2011-03-25 Let's Go A Little Higher Clarence Brown Play
2011-03-18 03192011MauriBascomMuchMore.mp3 Play
2011-03-11 It Is Written Pastor John Bradshaw Play
2011-03-04 LivingWithABadDecision.mp3 Play
2011-02-25 Vision Delayed But Not Destroyed.mp3 Dr. Roland Hill Play
2011-02-19 Keeping Love Alive Pastor Calvin B. Rock Play
2011-02-11 Living Like A Seventh Day Adventist Byron Conner Play
2011-02-04 "Blocking Heavens Door" Barry Black Play
2011-01-28 "Storm Chasers" Johnny Holliday Play
2011-01-21 "Come After Me" Russell Lewars Play
2011-01-14 "Loving God" 1 Wintley Phipps Play
2011-01-14 "Loving God" 2 Wintley Phipps Play
2011-01-07 One Thing Is Needed Play
2010-12-31 "Running Towards Heaven In 2011" Calvin Rock Play
2010-12-24 "From Womb Thru Tomb Thru & Coming Soon" Calvin Rock Play
2010-12-17 "Jesus, the Light of the World" Calvin Rock Play
2010-12-10 "Laodicea and Loving It" Russell Lewars Play
2010-12-03 "How To Lose Your Temper" Tammy Losey Play
2010-11-26 "The Most Thankful Person In The Bible" Calvin Rock Play
2010-11-19 "The Precious Lamb of God" C Rock, R Lewars & J Holliday Play
2010-11-12 "Who Where The Wisemen?" Dandre Campbell & Marvin Brown Play
2010-11-11 "Finish The Race" Dandre Campbell Play
2010-11-05 "The Prodigal Son's Brother" Johnny Holliday Play
2010-10-29 "In Him Is The Yea" Calvin B Rock Play
2010-10-22 "Looking For Another" David Solomon Hall Play
2010-10-15 "Amazing Grace" Calvin Rock Play
2010-09-24 "Hanging With Jesus!" Russell Lewars Play
2010-09-17 " Conservatives & Liberals" Pt 2 Calvin Rock Play
2010-09-10 "God's Purpose & Your Plans" Johnny Holliday Play
2010-09-03 "The Conservatives & The Liberals" Calvin B Rock Play
2010-08-27 "Phil-Am Choir" Rudney Bartolome Play
2010-08-20 "Better Than The Best" Calvin Rock Play
2010-08-13 "Teach Us To Number Our Days" Clarence Brown Play
2010-08-06 "You Can Take It To The Bank!" Calvin Rock Play
2010-07-30 "Is Heaven Real?" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2010-07-23 "Your Day In Court" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2010-07-09 Except Dr. Norman Knight Play
2010-07-02 "You've Got The Look" Russell Lewars Play
2010-06-25 "A Way of Escape" Russell Lewars Play
2010-06-18 "The ABC's of Fatherhood" Calvin Rock Play
2010-06-11 "A Call To Courage" Johnny Holliday Play
2010-06-04 "Is Anybody Listening?" Ricardo Graham Play
2010-05-28 "To Be Or Not To Be" James Haynes Play
2010-05-21 "Whatsoever He Saith, Do It!" Calvin Rock Play
2010-05-14 "Do You Love Him?" Elder Clarence Brown Play
2010-05-07 "She's There For Us, Who's There For Her?" Donovan Washington Play
2010-04-23 "Life's Reset Button" Russell Lewars Play
2010-04-16 "They Shall Be Taught Of The Lord" Johnny Holliday Play
2010-04-09 "Why God Why?" Calvin Rock Play
2010-04-02 "Keys To The Kingdom" Calvin Rock Play
2010-03-26 "Faith Of a Pharisee" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2010-03-19 "The Sinners Prayer" Giancarlo Banuchi Play
2010-03-12 "The Scandal Of The Sabbath" Adrian Brown Play
2010-03-06 "Stand Up Black Man!" T. McNealey Play
2010-02-19 "Victory At Last!" Ivan Williams Play
2010-02-12 "Singing The Lord's Song In a Strange Land" Helvius Thompson Play
2010-02-05 Edge of Extinction Craig Dossman Play
2010-01-29 "Family First" 4 Calvin B Rock Play
2010-01-22 "Nothing But Crumbs" 1 Russell Lewars Play
2010-01-22 "Nothing But Crumbs" 2 Russell Lewars Play
2010-01-16 "Family First" 3 Calvin Rock Play
2010-01-08 "Family First" 2 Calvin B Rock Play
2010-01-01 "Family First" 1 Calvin B Rock Play
2009-12-31 New Year Service Peter Neri Play
2009-12-31 Testimony & Prayer 2010 Abundant Life Members Play
2009-12-25 Real Hope" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2009-12-18 "Born To Die" Abundant Life Mass Choir Play
2009-12-11 "Beneath the Cover" Russell Lewars Play
2009-12-04 "Here Comes The Bride" Calvin Rock Play
2009-11-27 "Thank You Judge Jesus" Calvin Rock Play
2009-11-20 "The Holy Spirit The Lesser Light" Calvin Rock Play
2009-11-13 "The ABC's Of Faith Terry Johnson Play
2009-10-30 "Mercy Said No!" David Solomon Hall Play
2009-10-30 "Why Did You Laugh!" David Solomon Hall Play
2009-10-25 "What a Difference a Day Makes!" David Solomon Hall Play
2009-10-24 "Making The Devil Nervous" David Solomon Hall Play
2009-10-23 "Don't Believe The Hype" David Solomon Hall Play
2009-10-19 Family Reunion Weekend Russell Lewars Play
2009-10-16 "Good, But Without Love" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2009-10-19 Family Reunion Weekend Donald McCloud Play
2009-10-09 The "H" Factor Calvin Joshua Play
2009-10-02 The Holy Spirit Calvin Rock Play
2009-09-25 "Jesus Knows" Russell Lewars Play
2009-09-11 "How Much Do We Owe God?" Calvin Rock Play
2009-09-07 "Gods Rules For Sabbath Keeping" Calvin Rock Play
2009-08-28 "Livin Off Leftovers" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2009-08-22 "When Jesus Needed Somebody" Claude Matthews Play
2009-08-14 "She Being Dead, Yet Speaketh" Calvin Rock Play
2009-08-07 "The Message Of Daniel The Prophet" Armando Juarez Play
2009-07-31 "Call Me Mara, But Not Yet" Kingsley Palmer Play
2009-07-24 "Ushered In" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2009-03-20 "Life On A Limb" Jonathan Henderson Play
2009-03-14 So Many Times Wyleaner and Friends Play
2009-03-14 "It's All About His Will" Calvin Rock Play
2009-03-06 "Is The Young Man Absalom Safe?" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-02-28 "Dealing With The Samaritans" Pastor Peter Campbell Play
2009-02-20 "From The Out House To The White House" Pastor Carlton Byrd Play
2009-07-25 Ushers Day Concert 2 Wyleaner & Friends Play
2009-02-14 We Shall Overcome Pastor Washington Johnson Play
2009-04-24 "It's Better Higher Up" Russell Lewars Play
2009-02-07 What Is Man? Elder Walter Arties Play
2008-11-29 "Fruit Of The Spirit: Goodness" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-04-18 "We Be Risen" Calvin Rock Play
2009-04-10 "Yes We Could!" Calvin Rock Play
2009-01-31 "A New Start To better Health" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-04-03 What Would Jesus Do? Calvin Rock Play
2009-01-16 "The Holy Spirit" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-01-09 Fruit Of The Spirit: Temperance Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-12-06 "You Are Being Watched" Pastor Robert Lister Play
2008-11-27 "The Blessings Of God" Dr. Harold Lee Play
2009-01-24 "Better Life Revival" Patti Herring Dr., PhD Play
2008-11-14 "Christian Education - Our Most Important Mission" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-03-27 "Over Comers" Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-11-14 "The Fruit Of Peace" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Count The Cost!" Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "We're Not Salesmen, We're Servants!" Chaplain Eric J Scott Play
2008-11-27 The Fruit Of The Spirit: Gentleness Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "The Fruit Of Longsuffering" Pastor Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-12-13 "Friend At Midnight" Maya Rawls, Maliek Perkins, Jezreel Brown Play
2008-12-27 "Fruit Of The Spirit: Faith" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-01-03 "Fruit Of The Spirit: Meekness" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The Fruit Of Joy" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The Fruit Of Love" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Pitching Your Tent Toward Sodom" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Sabbath Vespers" Pastor Stephen Brooks Play
2008-11-14 "Sabbath Evening Concert" Regional Choirs Play
2008-11-14 "Shackled" - Friday Night Vespers Dr. Ron C. Smith Play
2008-11-14 "Guilty Until Proven Innocent " Pastor Jason North Play
2008-11-14 "A Better Witness" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The Three R's Of Praise" Pastor Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-11-14 "A Model Ministry For Singles" Pastor David Taylor Play
2008-11-14 "A Better Sacrafice" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Arise And Build" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Communion Sabbath" Pastor Iakopo Fuao ( Pastor Jacob) Play
2008-11-14 "If Not Now, When?" Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "What Does It Take?" Pastor Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-11-14 "A Profile Of Fatherhood" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "A Better Friend" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Of Treasures And Shields" Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "A Better Moses" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 Something Better Pt 1 - "A Better Adam" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "A Profile Of Motherhood" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "When The Wind Blows" Pastor Larry Unterseher Play
2008-11-14 "Prisoners Of Hope" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "God Is An Awesome God" Abundant Life Mass Choir Play
2008-11-14 "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Christ's Resurrection" President Bradford Newton Play
2008-11-14 "Prepared In Preparation" Pastor Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-11-14 "All In The Family" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Beauty For Ashes" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Logo Power" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 Where Are You?" Pastor Wayne O'Bannon Play
2008-11-14 "The 3rd Angel Part 3" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The 3rd Angel, Part1" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-07-25 Ushers Day Concert Wyleaner & Friends Play
2008-11-14 "3 Angels" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The 10 Commandments Of God" Pastor Iakopo Fujao - Pastor Jacob Play
2008-11-14 "Menace To Society" Pastor Lyle Notice Play
2008-11-14 "The Sanctuary Part 4" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "Somebody Ought To Know" Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "The Sanctuary Part 1" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 The Doctrine Of Stewardship! Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The Doctrine Of Family" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "The Righteousness Of Christ!" Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 "It Is True!" Pastor Russell Lewars Play
2008-11-14 "I've Heard Of A City Called Heaven!" Dr. E.E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 "The Man Who Robbed God - How Much Did He Take?" Dr. E.E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 "Handwriting On The Wall - Read And Run!" Dr. E.E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 "Who Is The Man That Was Born 4 Times?" Dr. E.E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 "Who Was The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived And....?" Dr. E.E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 "When God Gives The Devil - The Devil Dr. E. E. Cleveland Play
2008-11-14 The Ministry Of Grace Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 Gifts Of The Spirit Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 The Potter's House Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 If You Love Me Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 Just For Me Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 Breaking The Yoke, Lifting The Burden Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 Lord, Make Me Over Pastor Donovan Washington Play
2008-11-14 But Deliver Us From Evil Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2008-11-14 What If God Is Unhappy With Our Praise Sacraficial Praise Play
2008-11-14 Christ's Likeness Pastor Jacob Play
2008-11-14 Forgive Us Our Debts...... Pastor Calvin B Rock Play
2009-07-17 "A Day At The Well" Paula Johnson Play
2009-07-17 "Faith, Hope & Self" Paula Johnson Play
2009-07-10 "From Suffering Servant To Conquering King" Calvin Rock Play
2009-07-03 "Complete In Him" Calvin Rock Play
2009-06-26 "Angels & Demons: Armor Up" Russell Lewars Play
2009-06-19 "Father's Sacred Role" Pastor Jacob Play
2009-06-12 "Promises To Keep" Dr Trevor Gardner Play
2009-06-05 "Who Shall Be Able To Stand?" Calvin Rock Play
2009-05-29 "Faking It ARecipe For Disaster" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-29 "Sex And The City" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-27 "This Wall Must Fall" Play
2009-05-27 "The Ultimate Showdown" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-25 "Why Dont We All Just Get Stoned" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-24 "Dwelling By The Tombs" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-22 "Take Charge Of YOUR Life" Russell Lewars Play
2009-05-16 Mass_Choir051609.mp3 Play
2009-05-15 "The Call To Sacifice" Calvin B Rock Play

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